Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, September 30, 2005

Show #15 - Sept. 30

Episode 15 on MP3

A Really Big Shew!

The Scofflaws' "William Shatner" - live!
Kin alerts us to SexyTrek, a Star Trek pron site
More on the Emmys (it's all about sex, for Bill)
We discuss the phenomenon of cameltoe and how it does NOT apply to Bill
New Season of Boston Legal! 1-877-SUE-2-WIN
Kirklight revisited, Gregory Gray and his awesome designs, LT buys a new sex toy, and JK wants one
The JK urban legend continues, and we squick over mpreg
T'Monkeelover writes Monkees For Sale

Look at Wild Shirtless Kirk™!


John said...

So glad you liked my email :) Saturday is officially "Look at his butt" day in my book.

The gaming podcast I heard about the Shirtless Kirk card from was - they're great and have a similar 'old friends talk about a subject close to their heart' motif going on that makes your show's chemistry so good.

Right.. I have to go pass out because it's 4:46am here.

Great show!


(PS you were right: it's Louis like Louis Armstrong)

Dona Bogart said...

I love this blog. I hope you will love mine too. It is "Who's Package Is It?" I just started it and have Three packages to guess so far and I will be updating every day. I will post the answers soon! Please join me in a little fun!

PiB - Nicarra said...

Hmm, this site inflicted an immediate flashback to a movie Big Bad Mama where you can see all of the Butt in question. Kind of tramatized me at the time. :)

Anonymous said...

I think it's quite funny that your blog made the "blogs of note". Congrats on that!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Shatner is a legend, and Kirk is his Atticus Finch.

Why run towards an alien opponent when you can tear your shirt off and roll towards them, springing up into battle like a jack in the box?

Only Shatner knows the answer.

samadoo42 said...

r u a butt fanatic just askin no complainin here just a question

High Power Rocketry said...

That sexy trek page is classic.


enjoyable_payne said...

And who was it, after all was said and done and everyone had grown up and finished with high school. Who was it that learned how to have multiple orgasms, stay aroused for hours, and enjoy sex at a greater level than 95% of the population. It were us, the nerds who actually read books and believed there was more to life than MTV and how good you look in public.

Anonymous said...

you need a audio clip of kirk when your page comes up....

something with his famous dramatic pauses.

Matt Black said...

Nice pic. He's kinda let himself go...

Anonymous said...

Jeez Maynard,
that's dangerous talk dude .. I fear for you

Orelinde_03 said...

How the heck could Captain James T. Kirk go from looking like that to what he looks like now. I am greatly afraid. Afraid that I find him very appealing in this old picture. And even more afraid that he could age the way he had.