Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, September 16, 2005

Show #13 - Sept 16

Episode 13 on MP3

We get to the core of the show: Sex toys, Shatner's butt, and silly Trek goodness.

Maynard and sex toys: Japanese Pearl Bird and i-Rabbit - Pleasure Box
Henry Rollins at
Glen O'Neill's Comic Fight Club - Glen sent us comics!
Shatner's appearance on Kung Fu
Shatner's VIC 20 commercial
Filking! Leslie Fish's "Banned from Argo" and Voltaire's "The USS Make-Shit-Up"
JK's filk songs
Bill on the Emmy awards! He's going to sing!

Podcast Tonight!

Something for Trekkies!
Something for techies!
Something with EVEs, a podcast tonight!

Q-tips for crowd scenes,
Earplugs for loud scenes,
Ripped shirts for everyone, a podcast tonight!

Plenty of smut!
Keep the door shut!
You'll end up shouting, "Look at his butt!"

Star Trek conventions,
Too much to mention,
Homework tomorrow! Podcast tonight!
Bring on the Vernors! Podcast tonight!

Look at his wig - and his butt!


R2K said...

What a crazy blog!



LadyWhiteSpirit said...

just blog hopping :)...LOL you have a cool blog:)


LadyWhiteSpirit said...

hey can i add u in my friendlist?

Jonpaul said...

Nice work ladies, very nice!

diE to SELF LiVE foR ChRisT said...

hi, just blog surfing. the blog home site had this blog featured

AmeriKaKanKare said...

Interesting name. You have a great sense of humour. Hope to return to this site.

Mister DA said...

For more than anyone would ever want to know about Filk songs and singing see:
Its origin is way before renaissance fairs.

existenzialist said...

hehe, I like it. Though the sextoys things is. well... for girls ;-)

BlackCatAlfa said...

OMG! who knew there something in front of his butt!

R2K said...



Chelsea said...

nice butt!
just blog hopping and thought it a prospective name <3 Chelsea

Alex Ludd said...

Sorry, I don't think this guy could qualify as a genuine hottie.

Not funny till its Realized said...

Ill just butt out. heh, (im lame)

Ghosty said...

WOW! I dig this place!

Anonymous said...

qIt may not really be his butt...they use a lot of stand-ins and body doubles. Beware of whose butt you may be admiring!

Anonymous said...

This is the most disturbing blog i've seen.

hehehe ;-)

crusher said...

what's with the slingblade.... oouuch!

sven said...

I've subscribed to your podcast and downloaded the first show after seeing your blog featured on the blogger webpage, and I'm currently listening to the first show and it's so so great I just had to comment about how much I'm loving it (it's a lot better than pron where someone says it was erotic :p).

This is why podcasts were invented. love the show!

Josschmoe said...

Cool blog. Keep it up. Can we hear "The Shatners" on upcoming podcasts?

greggray said...

the type of facial hair Bill's wearing in the Kung Fu episode are/is called "Mutton Chops" .. google-image that term up for hours of fun - particulaly popular when the world was black and white and men knew no better .. .. Wolverine's are lame in comparison

Nycthor said...

The 'Banned from Argo' tune...I cannot find an mp3 and am too cheap to buy the entire CD...if you have it can you send me the mp3 file? email is

Thank you.

cheesemeister said...

Heh heh heh! This blog is so much fun! You might just be as strange as I am!
The Cheesemeister

cheesemeister said...

I had to come back! I want the Enterprise I-pod. And I have a "view it if you dare" butt posted on my blog! Be warned--this is a truly heinous heinie, so you must have a strong constitution if you're going to take the plunge!
Also, having a bawdy sense of humor helps when reading my posts!
The Cheesemeister

TK 2001 said...

I'm so glad the show's a hit. You're keeping me sane on the drive home

Nova said...

Hahaha... so cute!! The butt looks like everybody else's