Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, August 26, 2005

Show #11 - August 26

Episode 11 on MP3

Oh my god, it's an hour.

First listener assignment! We send a gift out into cyberspace
Mark Morford writes about sex toys on Amazon
More listener email, this time about Has Been, which leads to a tanget about Fight Club
The Spoof makes fun of Trek; where to buy your superhero underwear
Our review of The Changeling (the Nomad ep), by popular request
We talk about the Star Trek/X-Men crossover novel, Planet X and the profic Trek novel Ishmael by Barbara Hambly (sorry, we got the author wrong in the show)

Look at his...feet? Shatner's new Priceline commercials. Love the shoes, Bill!


Ann said...

That wuz a funny commercial, I must say!! LOLOL

Anonymous said...

I agree with ann.

Outdoors said...

Bill is a great person and actor.

Professor Xavier said...

You know he seems like a very nice person that type of person you'd want to sit and had dinner with and slowly watch the plowed and then you would hear every dirty secret in Hollywood LOL