Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, August 19, 2005

Show #10 - August 19

Episode 10 on MP3

Sean Dicken's Gargon Terror
Shatner shills for All-Bran (and the videos to prove it)
Where is Scotty's hometown?
Neil Innes sings "Happy Ending" (scroll down about 2/3 of the way to find it)
We get blogged - and the top 5 ways to tell...
And the big event - Star Trek Improv!
Interviews with Andrew Merit, Darlene Sorenson, Laura Derry, and John Remak
Shatner does a cartoon voice in "Over the Hedge"
Newsflash! Trekkers spend money!

Funniest Improv Ever!


Chris in Pa. said...

Love your show more than I love Star Trek. BUT, you've got to get your audio level up!

TK 2001 said...

Great North Woods Guy, I suspect the 'Gay Test' is slightly rigged. I mean, we only looked 'cause the ladies suggested it, eh?

Damn. Hoisted by our own petards.

Anonymous said...