Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, March 13, 2020

Show #270 - March 12

Episode 270 on MP3

Deets on Bill's divorce! 
Bill at Ticonderoga - and a Dinner Cruise!
Nuggets from the new Bill biography
The Picard Show!
Kitty tells us about Avenue 5
More info on Space Hippies

 Elnor, the Romulan Samurai Elf

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1 comment:

Sheri said...

I think it's the American Saddlebred equestrian operation that Bill is reducing his involvement in, as Kentucky is a major hub of Saddlebred equestrianism. Raising and training Saddlebreds demands deeper involvement as well as a bottomless pit of money, so it's no surprise he's pulling back on raising those horses. I think I read somewhere that Bill's American Quarterhorse operation has been primarily located at Three Rivers (though maybe not exclusively), so it makes sense that he'd turn the Kentucky property over to Elizabeth and keep the California property. My impression has been that he became increasingly absorbed with raising and training reining horses anyway--he's been very involved not only in competing but in developing and popularizing the sport worldwide (you'd be surprised how big reining has become in Germany). He tweeted within the last month that he'd just been riding, so he hasn't quit riding but may not be competing these days.