Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Show # 266 - Nov 24

Episode 266 on MP3

Bill shills: eBikes in public parks!
Bill shills 2: blockchain authentication with Third Millennia!
Bill shills 3: finding Amelia Earhart!
Short Treks! Q and A, The Trouble with Edward
The Picard Show!
And Picard's daughter???
Underrated and overrated Trek episodes

His head is pastede on yay!

Also here's Sadie the search dog:

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Sheri said...

I don't know, Kirk's books would be somewhat unusual in his century when real books would be rarer.; this sharpens Spock's birthday present to Jim of "A Tale of Two Cities." There are things we learn about Kirk obliquely along the way: that he's a poker player (The Corbomite Maneuver) as well as a chess player; that he appreciates flowers (Shore Leave); that he was hazed terribly in his Academy days by Finnegan (Shore Leave); that he's a headache sufferer, probably a migraine sufferer ("You'll sleep," he tells Spock regarding McCoy's red pills); that Tarsus IV has left him with survival/hunger fears--he's irritated at Rand's hovering and the "dietary salad" McCoy has foisted on him, he's the only person ever shown eating on the bridge (those red crackers or whatever they are), he's the only one eating in The Apple and Wrath of Khan ("Is there anything to eat? I'm starved" . . . "First order of business, survival."), and he uses the pleasure of eating to draw a distinction between humans and androids in What Are LIttle Girls Made of. There are probably other bits of information I've missed, but these are some I was able to recall just from memory.