Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Show #260 - February 26

Episode 260 on MP3

A very long show!

Go listen to Maynard's podcast!
Bill was at the Grand Ole Opry! Here's an interview about it
Bill on Big Bang Theory!
JK does some movie reviews: Kid Who Would be King, and Wandering Earth
Lene saw Into the Spider-Verse
TekWar (the book and the movie) - and you should listen to the 372 Pages podcast
Now we're talking Discovery!

Bill at the Grand Ole Opry! So intense!

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Sheri said...

The Tekwar TV series was actually not bad at all. It starred Greg Evigan as the protagonist. Don't forget, William Shatner was committed to Rescue 911 and CBS from 1989 onward, so he would not have been able to commit to the lead role in another television series! From everything I remember reading, he was originally only attached to Tekwar as producer/developer but was took a supporting role to provide an audience inducement for USA Network. That would have been about as much as he'd have time for. This was when USA was just beginning to convert from a sports network that filled its afternoon and late night hours with syndicated shows (like T.J. Hooker) into an entertainment network producing its own content. Because TJ Hooker was one of USA's late-night mainstays, the network was receptive to the Tekwar pitch. USA couldn't compete at the time with the big networks, so they obtained much of their content through partnerships with Canadian companies and the shows were rather offbeat. Tekwar was one of the earliest of these, which is I think is why it began as four TV movies--there wasn't enough money to commit to a series right away. It did gain enough of an audience to justify going to series. At the time, Tekwar struck me as similar to the movie "Videodrome " in concept. I think it's highly probable that one reason Tekwar is under-written and poorly fleshed out as a novel is that it probably began life as a movie or television pitch and became a book only when that project seemed stymied for a time.

Sheri said...

P.S. : Sorry about my lousy cut/paste job above. I thought I proofread better, but I didn't.