Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Show #237 - May 30

Episode 237 on MP3

Bill was on Neil DeGrasse Tyson's podcast, Star Talk
Is Bill really on 4chan??
Star Trek "set" Tour!
We discuss a fantastic book: Ultra-Actors: William Shatner
Bill conquers Canadian stamps! 
Go on a zero gravity flight with Bill - this summer!
Shatnerweb - every Shatner performance reviewed
Lene reads Zero-G, Bill's new book (with Jeff Rovin)

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Sheri said...

Gals, I can't believe you didn't know about "Disaster on the Coastliner", a TV-movie of the week that is pretty darn good and Bill did the actual stunts on top of a moving train. Excellent cast, too. It's available right now on Amazon video. A never-mentioned TV-movie Bill did in 1971--and an excellent piece of work--is "Vanished", a title that has been used for various movies so confusion results. It stars Richard Widmark, Arthur Hill, William Shatner, and a whole bunch of other people in a story about a presidential aide who disappears, with Bill as the reporter who exposes the coverup. It was a 2-parter aired on successive nights, so it was actually called a miniseries at the time--the first time that term was used. If you can ever find a copy of it, get it.