Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Show #234 - April 6

Episode 234 on MP3

We're BACK!

Lene got birthday presents!
Bill's in a new movie called Senior Moment
JK talks about the book Timetrap (and reads a review)
The return of Harry Mudd in ST:Discovery
Silicon Valley Comic Con is coming up soon!
Trek and Modern Masculinity
WTF Things that Kirk did in TOS
Star Trek Sex, the book
Star Trek Wax Museum figures

That's a nice glamor shot on a driver's license 

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Jarrak said...

Timetrap yes I own the paperback from way back when and read it as part of my ongoing Trek Pocket Book readathon. My Goodreads review spent less time on the drug issue and her eyebrows but McCoy's reaction as mentioned was pretty much spot on :)

Sheri said...

Gals, try Googling "Senior Moment"; there was a single scene released at one point (can't recall where I saw it) in which Bill takes Cloris Leachman to dinner and tries to "romance" with really dirty talk about the things he wants to do to her--in French! And since he overkilled with 3 Viagra tablets before dinner, he finishes this horribly dirty speech by plonking face-first into his plate! At least that scene looks hilarious.

Sheri said...

Whoops, my short-term memory failed me. I was referring to the movie, "Baby, Baby" in which had the cameo with Bill and Cloris Leachman. And he wasn't speaking French but using a heavy French accent. Here's a link to the scene: