Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, September 25, 2015

Show #211 - September 24

Episode 211 on MP3

Media and Etsy!

Trek cremation urn (ew)
Portraits by Frank Kelley Freas
Kirk drawing primer
Kirk - still the best captain
5 Things We Want To See in Star Trek Beyond
Star Trek Gummies!
Discussion about the Kobayashi Maru in Forbes!
And here's a link to JK's Kobayashi Maru story, "What Lies Within"

Kirk-not-Kirk by Freas

Captain Pankirk 

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Cheryl said...

The Freas Kirk and the i09 Kirk are at close to the same angle, and make a nice illustration for the "how to draw Kirk" information.

BadFurrVideos said...

It's been a while since I have posted a comment - sorry about that. It's just when I usually listen to your podcasts I am on the run and can't get to a computer. Then, of course, I forget later on.

Still you guys provide solid episodes as always. Whether it is dumb kirk or why the original series still matters today you guys got it covered. It's always nice to hear and I love listening you. Often it makes a ride home so much better! Thank you for all your hardwork. I know it can be hard to do if there is little input from us - the listeners. Sorry about that.

I don't want to say too much more but I did want to respond to this episode. So, here I go: The kobayashi maru test is one of my favorite Starfleet tests. It is because it is a test of character and potential leadership skills. I wish that real militaries did the same thing. Who knows maybe there would be a different result. On that note, I never quite thought of the test like that but yeah it is. It's Naruto with the chunin exams (sorry if you don't watch anime). The ones being tested really don't know all the rules the first time. Even if they have gone through it before they don't know what is going on. For they are testing for things that you cannot put on paper. They are testing for leaders. Just like the kobayashi maru.

In the light that the woman explained the kobayashi maru it seems that Kirk failed the test after all. You don't pass it for winning. You pass it for accepting that there is sometimes a no-win-scenario. Which Kirk did not get. Yet, clearly, they gave him a pass. It's sad that the crappy reboot got the reaction to tampering better than the original series, but hey - maybe there was something redeemable in that failure. I dunno but I wish that the original series would have expanded on the test.

Anyway, I can go on and on about this test for hours. I don't have that much time. I did want to respond for a change and thank you for all your hardwork!

Captain Toy