Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Show #208 - July 21

Episode 208 on MP3

News of Bill and Comic-Con!

We review Chaos on the Bridge
Bill's "cinematic comic book", Man O War
Bill does an hour of QnA at Comic-Con
Bill reads The Autobiography of James T. Kirk, featuring rock climbing and horseback riding
Bill and I: Building William Shatner's Belle Reve Ranch by Dalan Smith
Win a walk on role in the Star Trek Beyond movie
See the TOS crew in DS9 uniforms

What do we think? Yea? Nay? Holy Cats?

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greggray said...

Is it b/c Kirk looks a little like Bakula's Archer in the picture?

greggray said...

.. plus it's just not a very dynamic pose.

Unknown said...

Photomanipulation by artist "An-Gel Sakura"of STPMA, in case you wanted to give credit.