Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Show #187 - Feb 18

Episode 187 on MP3

Kicking off 2014!

Ian Sinclair's comments on the Out to Lunch videos
Email about Voice of the Planet
We're going to be at the Chicago Creation Con - REALLY!
Chris Pine wants Kirk to be DARK in NuTrek 3
NuTrek isn't really Trek
Worst NuTrek figures ever
Star Trek Renegades
A discussion of Sherlock, fanfic, and fanfilms
Please read Chief O'Brien at Work!


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1 comment:

Jarrak said...

A great show as always, loved the Out To Lunch videos, damn Bill just oozes confidence:) I subscribe to Emma Caulfield's channel and she has just released three short shows "Advice with William Shatner", worth checking out:)