Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Monday, May 13, 2013

Show #173 - May 12

Episode 173 on MP3

Obsessed with Star Trek
Rifftrax does Kingdom of the Spiders
Roger Ebert's review of Voyage Home
More Bill on Beat the Clock!
Restoring the Galileo 7
Bill's behind the scenes at Priceline commercial
New crappy Trek pajamas are available! Also, "dress up costumes"
Bill on the $25k Pyramid - dancing!
Bill did a good interview in NZ
Star Trek checks
Trekfest in Riverside Iowa- June 28th & 29th
The Etsy segment!

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Ruru said...
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Ruru said...

What?! Has someone at Wired been listening to you guys and cribbed the Star Trek on Etsy idea? :-)

Diana Hunt said...

Couldn't agree more about that promotional photo of Bill...worst photo