Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Show #168 - January 27

Episode 168 on MP3

Trek Colorforms!
One-liners from Bill
Bill answers questions in Maxim!
Fave mag set visit
"Adopt a Tribble" shirt from TeeFury!
Jeffrey Hunter interview
Trek Shot Glasses!
Burnett on some stuff in Trek V
Great review of Bill's show
Behind-the-scenes Shatoetry
The Etsy segment!
A musical Trek parody in Washington, DC this summer!

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Diana Hunt said...

I agree with everything you said about the new trailer. I was only able to watch four minutes before I just shut it off because of the 'stupid'.

CrafterDark said...

Hey there! I love this show! Thanks for the review of my cross-stitch pattern, Her Name is guys are hilarious! I suppose I should add on my etsy page somewhere that the finished product might look good on a vanity. Hunky ol' Cap'n Kirk eyein' you up while you put on the make up.

Oh, and yes, I really do have an issue with those clumsy Excelsior Class ships! Shoddy construction :b

Thanks again, your podcast is a treat!