Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, July 06, 2012

Show #159 - July 6

Episode 159 on MP3

More internety things!

Have I Got News for You - repercussions and Bill's "apology"
(And here you can watch the extended versions of it here, here, and here)
How It Should Have Ended - the Star Trek movie
Star Trek coasters!
The Complete Works of William Shatner - Abridged
Star Trek FAQ
Pirate Therapy and Other Cures
Bill in the Paramount Pictures 100 photo
Things you find on Etsy when you search for Bill, including My Little Pony, the Enterprise model made out of wood
And the Star Trek Butt Plug post on Regretsy
Bill's new film, "Get a Life"
Some info about a third version of Wrath of Khan

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1 comment:

Jarrak said...

Bill was magnificent on the show and while a lot is scripted it's still in the way it's delivered and hey some people are just too thin skinned:)