Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Show #157 - May 20

Episode 157 on MP3

It took long enough!

Captain Zlog!
Shatner Weekend!
Star Trek Mary Sues
Really bad fanfic with a unique Chekov accent!
The Enterprise in Las Vegas!
How to Kiss a Lady 
Bill guest starring on the Canadian show "Rookie Blue"
Shatner movies on Epix?

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1 comment:

Peter Foster said...

Just watched Bill on the BBC 'Have I got news for you'
The funniest episode for a long time.

I think this link only works in the UK, but I am sure you can use a UK proxy or find a torrent download of the show. Well worth watching.

There is some discussion about the show on the BBC message boards, some very mixed views: