Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kirk and Chameleon Boy: Trek/Legion #5

There are several things we must point out here. First, just to explain, the Legion and the TOS gang are in a Mirror Universe in the Future, hence the costumes. (I don't know why Kirk isn't wearing command gold, tho.) That's supposed to be Sulu sitting between Uhura and Kirk.

But check out Chameleon Boy vamping behind Kirk:


That's some costume! (It's what Shadow Lass is wearing - the blue woman in the first panel.) Too bad Kirk looks like a weird cross between McCoy and Movie!Kirk. I think he enjoys wearing skimpy outfits, don't you?

The last panel is also interesting for Cham's tongue action (done with a smile) and Kirk's quite interested reaction. Is he into shapeshifters, too? What am I saying! He's Kirk! He's into everything!

Source: Star Trek and the Legion of Superheroes #5 from IDW Publishing.

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