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Monday, October 24, 2011

Show #150 - Oct 23

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We're having a 4-Shatner day!

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JK reviews Bill's book 
Harry Potter, and Harry Potter and Methods of Rationality 
The Magician/The Magician King by Lev Grossman (JK says read 'em!)
Things that make you crazy in SF
What is hard science fiction?
Bad Transformers fanfic!

Shatner and Goetz



Captain Toy said...

I used to read and love Harry Potter too. I loved the books right up to the 4th one, then it became shit. All it was gimmick after gimmick followed by boring stuff. Then for fun, she'd repeat the same gimmick! Boring.

I didn't even bother to read the last book - nor do I plan to.

However, I did find a good replacement for Harry Potter. The Percy Jackson series. It deals with Greek Gods and their children. So, technically it's not magic but it's still cool!

They are well written and the story is exciting and compelling to the end. Which by the way is only 5 books over her random 7. I have even reread them. Which I only ever did with the 1st Harry Potter book (Which I thought was the best of the series).

Now there is a sequel series that they are currently publishing - it's not quite as good, but still nice. He provably should have left it as is, but I guess he had to keep writing.

Also, they made a movie out of the 1st book in the Percy Jackson series. It was good, but inaccurate. I am not concerned by leaving details out, but I am concerned when they get facts wrong. Like the fact that the gods can and do see their children - they just don't very often. They made a few other major mistakes, but I can't reveal what they are without spoiling the plot.

I have no idea if you have read the series, but you should. It should be read by as many people as possible!

Captain Toy said...

Ok, so back to homework:

I hate when they kill a character off then find some "magical" way to revive them. It ruins the moment and the value of the death. I wish that more creators had the balls to kill off a main character and keep them dead. It just works better.

As for death off stage. I actually like that. Compare a death done on screen to one that happens off screen. The latter usually has a bigger impact - despite the fact you didn't see it.

Maybe it's because you couldn't see it. Now your mind has to fill in the blanks. Or maybe it's because we have seen so much gore and horror that we are numb to it. I dunno, I prefer to have it happen off stage (save for hero's death - that I like on screen).