Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, May 08, 2011

"Back to Space-Con" on DVD

This looks pretty awesome! I think we'll get it and review it. From SFGate:

It was much harder to be a Bay Area science fiction geek in the early 1970s. Instead of aisles and aisles of sci-fi-themed toys and clothing in retail giants such as Target, there was one hole-in-the-wall store in Berkeley. Instead of a huge comic book convention at the Moscone Center, "Star Trek" fans gathered at Lincoln High School in San Francisco. Bay Area documentarian Tom Wyrsch, who directed the similarly nostalgic "Remembering Playland at the Beach," opens the vault again to present a loving tribute to the first science-fiction conventions in San Francisco and the East Bay. What could have been an archive dump - Wyrsch has a plethora of footage of varying quality, including interviews by "Creature Features" legend Bob Wilkins - quickly takes form, with many themes that are moving, funny and sometimes sad. Some of the fans felt extremely isolated, and were thrilled to find a convention hall filled with like-minded costume-wearing Trekkers. Bay Area fans were instrumental in convincing Hollywood that there was value to sci-fi, but that corporate mind-set eventually took over the conventions. "Space-Con" is rough around the edges at times, but still a very enjoyable time capsule for local sci-fi fans. Available for sale at

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