Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, October 29, 2010


The Captains of the Final Frontier, a new two-hour Star Trek documentary to be aired on the Bio Channel on Wednesday, November 3 at 9 PM, will focus on the “fearless captains of each Star Trek generation.”

In the show, a cast of Star Trek experts will analyze each Star Trek captain, whose “incredible triumphs and epic dark moments” will be discussed with the captains being compared “against each other as leaders and lovers.”
First of all, it's already established that Kirk is the best leader, lover and all-round-guy you wanna be and/or fuck.

So what are they going to do for 2 hours? Let's see...
The Star Trek experts include creators and directors, episode writers, novelists and Star Trek actors.
No fans? Seriously? One fan is more of a Star Trek expert than all of those put together.


OTOH, it's KIRK so don't miss it!


Jarrak said...

That sounds like fun, no idea if it'll turn up Bio in the UK so will have to make other arrangements...

dniethammer said...

I just looked at the listing for my area and saw there are going to be a few other Star Trek and William Shatner related shows on before and after. They all seem to be from years past but may be of interes anyway.