Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Friday, January 16, 2009

How many "A"s in Khaaaaaaan?

Awesomeness courtesy of BoingBoing and Greg:
As can be seen in this chart, "Google search results for "KH(Ax)N" for x=1 to 100," there's a real spike of "AAAAA"s around 40 and 50. That's a lot of reptitious typing! Also, you have to admire the bloody-minded perseverance of the folks over there at 97-100 "AAAAA"s. Also, RIP, Ricardo Montalban.

When I say it, it has about 50 "a"s. When JK does it, with Shatner tremors, it tops out over 100. I'm not kidding.

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JK and LT said...

In "Invasion Iowa" they had a discussion about how many O's the should be in Nooo...oooo. I think this is another Shatnerism.