Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Answer!

Read on...

JK: Like a flash of lightning it came to me!
JK: The answer to the Ultimate Trek Question!
LT: 42?
JK: What was Kirk doing between the 5YM and TMP?
LT: going down on a belly dancer?
JK: Yeah that too but his main "assignment"
JK: He was the consultant on a TV show about him and his adventures. Kind of a "wagon train to the stars"...
JK: Just thought you'd wanna know
LT: that's great
JK: You could really get your mind all fucked up thinking about it. That's what we've been watching all these years - a TV show/movies from the future. Sent here by Starfleet to shape that future because we were on the wrong track.
JK: Actually sent by the Time Cops.
LT: a "historical document"
JK: Yeah
JK: And the Galaxy Quest people caught onto it
LT: yes!
JK: So we're the Thurmians.
LT: we have speculums
JK: But with no tentacles.
JK: That's why Kirk has all the best lines. Not because the actor (WS) wanted it that way (he was a real team player) but because the real Kirk said, "Why do you have Spock saying that? I said that!"
JK: Then he'd go home at night and want to bitch to Brandt but he couldn't because she was still so pissed off that she's not in the show.
JK: I'm glad that's settled.

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