Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Show #90 - June 22

Episode 90 on MP3

JK reviews Me So Horny Up TIll Now
Bill on Jay Leno/Tonight Show (June 2, 2008)
Interviews: Portland
More media Bill has conquered
- NY Times Review of Books
- Star Trek PEZ!
Bill watches an ep of Trek
Could Bill save Gaelic? And has anyone seen "The Third Walker"?
Bill hosts Extraordinary Animals on Animal Planet!
More crap from Lene's collection!
Star Trek in MAD Magazine!
The Riverside, Iowa museum!


Anonymous said...

Arrrrgh...the link won't work...arrrgh. I so desperately want listen to you Butt Girls.

Di in Australia

JK and LT said...

It's fixed. Fucking technology.

Mark Stanley said...

Cape Breton is in Nova Scotia, Canada, and is pronounced BRET-in. With a short E in that first syllable. :0)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank my morning at work won't be all bad LOL

Di in Australia

fresca said...

I've been lurking, but[t] now seems a good time to say hello--thanks for your fun work!

Iddy said...

Ha! Just got caught up on the cast after vacation and found out I'm famous! (aka being mentioned by RL name on Shelrie and Steve's WS report) They were both delightful and very entertaining--even if they did show me up on the dance floor ;-)

Kitty, yes, you must definitely read the book, although hearing Bill read the part about being chased around the bed would be great. I found his insight here, and in many other places throughout the book quite remarkable.