Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Show #87 - May 10

Episode 87 on MP3

Kingdom of the Spiders Day - May 19th!
JK's Shatner dreams
More Spanking Gangsters!
Return of the Archons remastered - Did the Archon really stop there 100 years ago?
Jeff Scott plays crappy Trek music!
More Trek stuff from Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin
Vulkan Sex Machine plays Ska Trek

Love the clothes. The bondage doesn't hurt either.


Anonymous said...

1. That Voyager game is in the arcade on campus here! Never played it, as I'm not much of an arcade person. It just startles me as I pass it on my way to the snack counter.

2. Charley Varrick, with Andy Robinson (Garak), would have been even more entertaining if the mob enforcer had spanked him for information instead of torturing him. Mmm, 1973 Andy butt... :0p~

Iddy said...

OMG!! Don't let Francine anywhere near that Hippie Music!! Block her-- She's dangerous with a bicycle wheel!

Now that the villagers are safe, let's actually go listen to the podcast...

Cheryl said...

Your question about TNG eps about cultures with different traditions from our own: The first one that came to my mind was the one where David Ogden Stiers has to kill himself when he turns 60.

Anonymous said...

Hey Girls,
Loved the show. I may be crazy (or maybe I was geek overloaded by your obsessive, yet thorough investigation into the Trek timeline) but did you guys ever mention what the added scene was to the Return of the Archons? I was so excited to hear it, but maybe I missed it. Thanks, and see you on the roller rink!