Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Monday, March 17, 2008

Show #84 - March 17

Episode 84 on MP3

Boston Legal underwater!
More alternate captains!
Map of the Trek universe at
No more HDDVDs! What about the remastered TOS DVD??
Dave's Long Box - Shatner swallows!
Wolf in the Fold review
Big Screen Entertainment working with Bill - but on what?
More Star Trek crap! And Lene has some of it!
Captain Kirk's Guide to Women! by John "Bones" Rodriguez


Anonymous said...

The women are so... enthusiastic about m/m/f threesomes? That's the only possible explanation for why Kirk wouldn't want to go alone. :0)

JK and LT said...

[slaps forehead] DOH! Of course.

Iddy said...

Big Screen Entertainment is distributing the documentary about the ballet based upon his CD, Common People. The title is called: William Shatner's Gonzo Ballet. Some other details can be found on Wikipedia.