Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Monday, March 17, 2008

Show #84 - March 17

Episode 84 on MP3

Boston Legal underwater!
More alternate captains!
Map of the Trek universe at
No more HDDVDs! What about the remastered TOS DVD??
Dave's Long Box - Shatner swallows!
Wolf in the Fold review
Big Screen Entertainment working with Bill - but on what?
More Star Trek crap! And Lene has some of it!
Captain Kirk's Guide to Women! by John "Bones" Rodriguez


Mark Stanley said...

The women are so... enthusiastic about m/m/f threesomes? That's the only possible explanation for why Kirk wouldn't want to go alone. :0)

JK and LT said...

[slaps forehead] DOH! Of course.

Iddy said...

Big Screen Entertainment is distributing the documentary about the ballet based upon his CD, Common People. The title is called: William Shatner's Gonzo Ballet. Some other details can be found on Wikipedia.