Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Spock's Brain Live!

"Spock's Brain is a live presentation of an actual Star Trek episode! The talented cast, in full Star Trek costumes—er, uniforms—performs the episode on a great-looking set with actual music and sound effects from the original Star Trek television series. It's not a spoof or a parody of Star Trek—it is the actual episode in its entirety!"

This performance ran in 2004. Read more about it here!

Matt Bianco played Captain Kirk.
Stephen Millunzi played "Bones" and the surface Morg.
Andy Bray played Chekov and a security morg (fight scene).
Cesario Tio played Sulu.
Lola Davidson played Nurse Chapel & Luma.
Gabriel Diani played Spock.
Tom Deters played Scotty.
Kelly Park played Uhura.
Danny Esguerra played a red shirt & a morg.
Produced & Directed by Mike Carano

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Anonymous said...

i shall assume you arent meant to laugh but i did. Wish we had something like that here in the uk. Would have been pretty cool.