Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Show #69 - June 17

Episode 69 on MP3

LT gives presents to JK - "Got William Shatner" decal!
Shatfest at the Cerrito Speakeasy Thurs Nov 8th
Museum of Science Fiction - crew quarters! The captain's rumpus room!
The Priceline Negotiator on MySpace
FanLib's Trek contest
Bad Trek fiction - Spock is a VAMPIRE!
And lots of news:
Spock search engine
Show me the Money on the air again
A really bad Shatner fan vid
Tommy Turvey, horse torturer
Sign up for the Shatner mailing list
Mego Kirk doll reissue


Sean Dicken said...
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Sean Dicken said...

I like your rendering of the crew quarters, but I was looking forward to seeing the original scribble you drew at the museum!

I took a pic of that single stateroom layout for you guys, as seen in the Star Fleet Technical Manual. You can see it here.

Also, here's the layout of the double stateroom if you're interested.

I would have scanned them instead of the photos, but my scanner's being moody.