Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Show #59 - January 18

Episode 59 on MP3


iPhone countdown
Bill "leaks" info about the new Trek movie
IGN interview with Bill - Boston Legal tidbits
History Channel thing on Trek
Boarding the Enterprise - read it!
iTunes has TOS eps! Watch those previews and be amazed
Where No Man preview - Mitchell! Mitchell! Mitchell!
Fanboys movie
Lene has a pants moment
Star Trek cross-stitch
Bill conquers Space Camp
Bill's autobiography, Me So Horny
Boston Legal goes to New Orleans
Fanfic from Jennifer and Lene


Cheryl said...

Those truly are knitting charts, not cross stitch. The elongation is the giveaway. Unlike a cross stitch, a knit stitch is not perfectly square, and designs such as these must take that into consideration.

Lene - could you really pass up an opportunity that would allow you to say, in all honesty, "I got into Shatner's pants"?

Calico said...

I found a page with information about the Milwaukee Ballet's performance of Shatner's "Common People"

There is an MP3 of an interview with Bill on ballet. Yep, another medium conquered!