Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Show #45 - July 15

Episode 45 on MP3

Special announcement! Bill nominated for THREE Emmys!
Maynard's interview with Steven Parker (the Australian Captain Kirk)
No more Shatner shilling for lawyers in New York
Shatner vs. Paul Newman (via the Australian Herald Sun)
Lene reports on Over the Hedge and Bill talks about it with the Jakarta Post
We review Turnabout Intruder (and here's a site with lots of screencaps and excellent comments)
And we recommend some wonderful fanfic: Wildcat's The Waking Man

Behold the EVE of Turin!

Captain Kirk finds a new weapon at beauty school.


Jason said...

Hey, girls. Love your show, always. Keep it up. Stop by the gateway when you like for Naming Superheros

Not to mention a fun picture of Shatner to start it off. :)

Anonymous said...

My first Trek episode was Turnabout Intruder.

Thanks for your website. I am glad it's not just me.....found Star Trek in the 70s. Completely bonkers over Kirk. Husband (thank goodness, his name is Bill for obvious reasons) recently bought me the original series on DVD after obsessive viewing of the original series on G4. Had cooled off 'til I watched it again. Damn. Been looking all over for that scene from Big Bad Mama. Pubic hair! Thank, you, thank you!

Some more side shots of his butt would be nice, has the most delicious curvature.

Melanie said...

That's it, there's my new Wallpaper for my computer

Anonymous said...

Check this out. My, my.,%20William&seq=7

JK and LT said...

That imdb picture - YOWZA! It gave me a hot flash and made Lene's "head all splodey."