Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Show # 7 Up

Episode 7 on MP3

This week's insanity:

A fond farewell to Jimmy Doohan
The tranny version of Mudd's Women! Here are scans of the program, front and back
More sex toys! (The Lily, the Craby[sic], the Flexi Felix, Tickle Popzzz aka the Eye of Sauron, and I Rub My Wormie)
Buy your toys at Blowfish and Good Vibrations!
Funny EVE sound effects, courtesy of PromoGuy!
William Shatner: Charm and Hotness! (The music is "To Infinity and Beyond", which Shatner recorded for a Buzz Lightyear release)

We couldn't resist dropping in that hep cool music from Impulse again. I think it'll be in every show from now on.

Leigh Crowe as Captain Kirk!

And - Look at Leonard Nimoy's Butt! (Click for larger sized image)


TK 2001 said...

I'm also a fan of the old Twilight Zone. Your reference to it reminded me: Shatner starred in the T. Zone all time scariest story (at least for me at the time ), 'Nightmare at 20,000 Feet'. Forget the 'Psycho' shower scene. For the longest time after watching that Zone epsisode I avoided parting a closed curtain anywhere, let alone in the bathroom.

Looking forward to your next show ( I suscribe) Meanwhile, sending you good vibrations..uh, thoughts, that is.

Jungle Kitty said...

Hi tk -
Did you happen to see the episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun that made reference to that Twilight Zone? Shatner as the Big Giant Head came off an airplane, grabbed John Lithgow and said he'd seen a demon on the wing of the plane. Lithgow replied, "The same thing happened to me!" Of course it's funnier if you remember that Lithgow played that role in the Twilight Zone movie. :-D

I also love WS in the TZ about the fortune-telling machine - one of the few in which the characters escape "the zone."

TK 2001 said...

Hi JK, now that you mention it, the 3rd Rock episode sounds familiar. Lithgow had a lot of fun with that role. I loved the scenes where he lorded it over his science class, in particular one student played, I think, by his son.

So Shatner actually escaped the Zone? Bill must've rewrote the script when Rod was out on a cigarette break - maybe in prep for the Omigosh Maru ...or whatever they call that Starfleet training test only Kirk could pass ( I'm a poor excuse for a Trekkie). Anyway, I'm gonna have to find that TZ episode at Blockbuster and see how it worked.

knightwise said...

Oh so true. The more special effects the thinner the story. Where have the days gone that you actually had to imagine some things yoursellf. Make that leap of faith and dream up your own image of the christaline entity. Classic trek/scifi series will allways rule; Great show by the way. I have personaly featured a Jimmy Doohan tribute in my podcast to. So if you want to : beam on down.

Yana/Kate said...

Hey, cool